Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Touch-friend apps in Ubuntu/Debian?

I'm working on a personal pet project and wanted to get some feedback on the best apps to use in a touch only environment. I know that there are a few people who use Debian or Ubuntu on a tablet, and I was hoping to get suggestions on the best desktop environment and apps available. Please leave some comments with suggestions, and with a little luck, I'll have something to demo on this blog in a few weeks.


Josh Triplett said...

GNOME3 has many design features which work really well on a tablet.

Also, take a look at mallit for a nice on-screen keyboard.

Anonymous said...

You might want to look at the Cordia HD project:

Or SHR if you want apps for phones that are touch-friendly:

A lot of this stuff could use packaging, once the Debian mobile team gets formed. Come join us on #debian-mobile on OFTC to chat about it.

Anonymous said...

I tryed unity and gnome-shell, and to be honest gnome-shell was more touch-friendly. But a simple gesture to reveal dock (4 finger doesnt work on my screen) + a decent keyboard to unity should make it(All that should be resolved if we have a looks to last UDS). I just read this from gnome planet: .

About the best app:
-You have cellwriter if you use stylus and xournal for notes.
-for web browsing, use a nightly of firefox mobile that switch to tablet UI if your screen is large enought.
-easystroke to create gesture
-KDE/plasma usualy works well with touch
- Qtmoko a debian based distro for phone (maybe the most usable (imho) on the neo freerunner without stylus)
- finally there are many game playable with touch, but my favorite is apt://gamine :D


Anonymous said...

Gname 3.2 ships with a new on-screen Keyboard and it looks quite nice actually.

Axel said...

My favourite touch-sensitive Debian/Ubuntu package is mypaint about whose coolness I wouldn't know about if I hadn't had to test it to sponsor it. :-)