Friday, July 1, 2011

Pandaboard Netboot Images Now Available

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, OMAP4 netboot images were available, but non-functional. I'm pleased to announce that these bugs have now been resolved and it is possible to have a functional install on OMAP4. This also has the added advantage of allowing one special partitioning layouts such as RAID, LVM, or simply having a non-SD based root device. The images are available here:

To use, simply dd boot.img-serial or boot.img-fb to an SD card, pop it in, and run, and the installer will pop up.

There is still a known bug that partman will not properly create the necessary boot partition. During the partitioning step, you must select manual partitioning, then create a 72 MiB FAT32 partition, with no mount point, and the Bootable flag must be set to 'on'. This partition must be the first partition on the device. flash-kernel-installer will be able to find the partition on its own.