Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UDS Day 3 & KDE involvement

Hola all,
So this is my first blog post since UDS started (although I have been doing some work microblogging this session around (I find that if I treat it like multicast IRC using gwibber, it suddenly makes more sense to me). We're now three days into UDS, and working hard on defining what Ubuntu karmic will be, and I must say I am excited with the way things are shaping up to UNR discussions, to the Android Execution Environment (and if anyone has any questions on it, please direct those emails to Michael Frey and Debbie Beliveau as they are the people behind it, despite Slashdot's reports on the subject).

There are loads going on, including Moblin (which you'll see this afternoon), Android (same), ports kernel handling, and loads of other cool things come up. I'll comment on some of the more interesting things as time goes on.

In other news, as of late last night, I'm officially an upstream KDE developer with SVN commit writes. I've written an email detailing my plans for working on KDE to kde-core-deveonl, where is it is happily stuck in a moderation queue, so hopefully those involved in upstream KDE development will soon learn of my intentions :-).

I'll write more later,