Friday, April 24, 2009

Jaunty Retrospect

Guess its my time to post something about my feelings on Jaunty.

The Good:
* armel successfully birthed
* powerpc well on the way to be well maintained
- Kernel and installer work mostly done by TheMuso (thanks :-))
- Image testing by the people of #ubuntu-ps3, myself, and TheMuso
- powerpc, and powerpc+ps3 both in the release annoucements for Kubuntu and Xubuntu :-)
* Kubuntu upgraded to KDE 4.2
* Xubuntu upgraded to Xfce 4.6
* PowerPC FTBFS rate in main very low. ia64, and sparc looking more improved.

The Bad:
* SPARC, ia64, and HPPA remain fairly foobar w.r.t. to the installer and kernel

The Ugly:
* The drama over notifications and update-manager

All and all though, I think its been a fairly good cycle. Looking forward to karmic.


nomadium said...

well, regarding sparc, powerpc, hppa and ia64: just use Debian... Ubuntu is clearly designed for desktops, and these architectures are cooler but not meant to be used as desktop anyway.

slashdotaccount said...

Looking forward to Debian squeeze too?