Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ARM and MID ...

So for those of you playing along at home, we have a newly available ARM port, which has just reached the point of being able to debootstrap itself with a buildd varient (i.e., install build-essential and a few other packages). Now the fun begins with porting stuff.

First up is mono. Mono has a port to ARM and ARMel already, however, this code obviously hasn't been compiled in sometime, as it FTBFS due to glibc 2.8+svn. *grumble*. Oh well, easy fix, and one that will help clear a bunch of other dep-waits and get us that much closer to a usable port.

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bawjaws said...

You mention MID in your title, yet your last post detailed difficulties of bulding ubuntu-mid on platforms other than lpia.

Is that now solved or is intended to be done as part of supporting ARM netbooks and MID devices?