Thursday, September 4, 2008

GCC sucks.

On my quest to build the archive with PIE, I discovered the first major headache, is that there is a rather interesting circular dependency in the compiler toolchain.

Roughly speaking, libgcc is linked to to glibc, which is linked to libgmp, which the compiler is dependent on, making it not possible to directly build the compiler built with PIE (and as an additional fun fact, the three stage bootstrap makes hardened wrapper non-effective. CFLAGS can be passed to the second and third stage bootstrap so this isn't a huge limitation, but it will regular beating gcc's debain/rules2 into passing the flags correctly. I'm now at the point roughly where I can try to build perl from source, then dpkg and aptitude.


Vadim Peretokin said...

Sounds like a great post for LH! o.O

Michael C said...

What's LH?

Vadim Peretokin said...

A guy who makes a fame & fortune on bashing all things Linux.